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Larry Williams was a graduate of the prestigious Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He then obtained his Bachelor's degree from Villanova University, where he majored in communications. Following graduation, Larry was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club, and after playing several years professionally, he became involved in a number of business ventures. However, he always had a fascination with "hiline" exotic cars. He studied the market and the values, which were and continue to be ever-changing, and he gained a broad knowledge of how to determine the worth and value of these cars. Larry decided to open his own brokerage in 2001 which would specialize in high-dollar luxury, allowing Larry to obtain vehicles with the hopes of drawing a market of customers who could appreciate his sense of knowledge, taste, and his meticulous nature in acquiring pristine vehicles. Larry has sold many cars, particularly Porsches, to members of the PCA Club and also to franchise dealers who have the knowledge to appreciate this quality of product. Larry's referral program and honesty have helped him to create a market throughout the entire country and overseas for savvy car buyers who know what to expect in a quality pre-owned hiline car. When Larry is not buying, selling or researching cars, he spends most of his time with his wife and three children.
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