Buying Used vs New

Buying Used vs New: Message from the Owner

Please give us a call so we can explain why some cars are sold under current market value. It has come to my attention with the advent of a car site which lists cars as "good deal" or "bad deal" based solely on the sale price, that potential buyers believe the seller with the "good or great deal" is the best buy in the area searched. However, the site CarGurus does not factor in the condition of the vehicle (which can vary substantially) nor the vehicle history report. Essentially, you may see a vehicle that appears to be a great deal but could very well have a problematic history, bald tires, vehicle repairs needed, cosmetic or mechanical issues, etc. There is no seller offering a car at a substantial discount without a legitimate reason, although he may tell you otherwise. If you are purchasing a new car, then you can seek out the "best deal" because there are not any mechanical or cosmetic issues to account for. If you are purchasing a high MSRP car or "specialty" used car and think you are getting the "best deal" then you may soon come to find that deal comes at an additional price in time. I suggest buying your pre-owned car from a seller who specializes in that particular make with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. You may pay a bit more but you will have the peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong then you have an experienced seller to assist you. Experienced sellers know what to pay for a car, validate, correct or repair prior to sale because of years of selling and servicing that particular make. As the story goes and forever will, "IF YOU WANT THE BEST THEN YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT." YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR."

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